Arkas TURMEPA II Kept 720,000 Litres of Seawater Clean This Season

Arkas TURMEPA II waste collection vessel collected 30% more waste since the interest in vessel holidays increased last summer due to the pandemic. The vessel started to work in July in compliance with all health and hygiene conditions and collected 90,000 litres of waste, thus ensuring that 720,000 litres of seawater remain clean throughout the season. Helping to keep the Cesme sea clean for 14 years, Arkas TURMEPA II has preserved over 15.2 million litres of seawater so far.

ARKAS TURMEPA II waste collection vessel, built and operated by Arkas Holding as part of the social responsibility project developed in 2006 in collaboration with DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA, carried on with its mission just as thoroughly in its 14th year. Waste collection activities started in mid-July and were completed on 1 November. The vessel served 6 days a week this year, in the coves of Cesme with increased vessel traffic, namely Aya Yorgi, Hacettepe, Bademli, Dalyan Kocakari Bay and the Central Port of Cesme.

Ninety Thousand Litres of Waste Collected from 300 Vessels in Summer 2020

Arkas TURMEPA II waste collection vessel opened the season in July this year and collected waste from 300 vessels until the end of October. The amount of waste collected from these vessels has reached approximately 90,000 litres, therefore keeping 720,000 litres of seawater clean. The work of 3,5 months showed a 30% increase in the vessel – waste data compared to previous years.

Arkas TURMEPA II Kept Over 15.2 Million Litres of Seawater Clean

Wastewater collected by the Arkas TURMEPA II vessel since 2006 has reached 1.9 million litres. This amount is equal in volume to approximately 100,000 carboys of water. Fifteen million two hundred thousand litres of seawater have also been kept clean. Arkas TURMEPA II will continue to protect the waters in the bays of Cesme in 2021.