Digital Transformation at Arkas HR

As a requirement of our age, almost every company is digitizing their work processes to gain advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and savings. In the same direction, Arkas HR has digitized recruitment processes, which increased candidate analysis performance by ten times.

The changing conditions of life in our day prompted companies to accelerate digitalization of their businesses; they are now online-managing most of their processes.  According to some researches, digitalization is expected to reduce human resources workload by 30%.  Arkas HR has allocated their own research and investment into this area, which resulted in recruitment processes being moved to the online platform for faster and more effective analysis of potential candidates. Quick applications, remote interviews, online tests and dialogue fulfil the contemporary expectations of new generations and may as well be the reason for preferring to work at Arkas. Since digitalizing every recruitment process, Arkas HR has been enjoying candidate analysis which is now ten times faster.

Meanwhile, Arkas Academy, working in tandem with Arkas HR’s ongoing digitalization processes and specifically in line with the motto “Constant development and learning”, has since March 2019 also digitalized their self-development content which ranges from the orientation program to skill development and leadership programs for all the members of Arkas. Arkas Academy has digitalized all of their training processes, which previously consisted of 80% in-class and 20% e-learning activities, in their efforts to rapidly adapt to the changing and transforming training methods in the current conditions of uncertainty. In a time when communication and motivation have become ever more important, live chats with Arkas executives, the digital knowledge competition “A-round” and Arkas Talks webinars present rich content for the Arkas members in the digital world.