Arkas Turmepa II Collects 100 Thousand Liters of Waste in the 2021 Season

Having started to operate 15 years ago within the scope of the project that was launched in cooperation between Arkas Holding and TURMEPA, Arkas TURMEPA II waste collection boat has completed its 15th season. The boat collected 100 thousand liters of waste from 640 boats in Cesme bays throughout the season, ensuring that 100 thousand liters of seawater remain clean. Arkas and TURMEPA will continue to support the sustainable sea tourism and to work on preserving the marine habitat of the region in the upcoming seasons as well.

The social responsibility project “Arkas TURMEPA II”, launched in cooperation between Arkas Holding and Deniz Temiz Derneği/TURMEPA in 2006, aims to protect the bays of Cesme from pollution in the Aegean. ARKAS TURMEPA II waste collection boat, built and operated by Arkas Holding, makes a major contribution to the prevention of pollution. A report on environmental sustainability of 2021 has been released within the scope of the project. This report includes the waste collection activities of Arkas TURMEPA II and a detailed explanation of its contributions to preserving the marine habitat in the bays of Cesme.

15.3 Million Liters of Seawater Have Remained Clean for 15 Years

Arkas TURMEPA II boat has collected 100 thousand liters of waste from 640 boats in the 2021 summer season, thus, preventing the introduction of nearly 5,270 barrels of black and gray wastewater to the sea. The amount of wastewater collected this season equals to the daily wastewater produced by 555 people. While the discharge of 100 thousand liters of wastewater into the sea have been prevented, 800 thousand liters of seawater have been kept clean. The amount of wastewater collected by Arkas TURMEPA II waste collection boat since 2006 has reached 2 million liters. With this project, 15.3 million liters of seawater have remained clean.

Projects run by Arkas Holding and TURMEPA to prevent sea pollution affect the continuity of endangered species as well. Cesme hosts protected species in its coastal and marine areas. Many species such as Audouin’s Gull, Sea Otter and Caracal also live in Karaburun, which is the habitat of Mediterranean Monk Seals. The fact that 100 of worldwide 600 Mediterranean Monk Seals live in Turkey increases the importance of Arkas TURMEPA II project.

Protecting the seas, which absorb a major part of the global heat, from wastewater plays a role in the conservation of the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, studies show that seas produce 50 to 70% of the oxygen we need. This indicates that Arkas Turmepa II waste collection boat and similar projects contribute to the continuity of land life as well.

Arkas TURMEPA II will continue to keep the bays of Cesme clean in 2022 season as well.