Faster Purchasing Processes at Arkas with the E-Signature Project

Thanks to the e-signature project that has started to be implemented by the Purchasing Directorate at Arkas, purchasing processes have become both safer and more timesaving.  Used instead of wet signature, electronic signature also makes sure that all supplier-related processes continue smoothly.

Arkas has started to put electronic signatures into practice for procurement contracts, thus, accelerating the signature process and facilitating its follow-up at the same time.

The e-signature project, launched by the Purchasing Directorate at Arkas, is managed via the newly created web portal. While all contracts can be tracked via the e-signature system, active contracts can also be easily accessed through the portal. This has enabled to archive expired contracts on the portal as well. All procedures regarding the initials, approval and signature of managers, as well as the consent of the law department are conducted through the portal.

The e-signature project is more time-efficient, saves paper and eliminates the risk of losing documents. So, the wet signature process that takes a long time can be completed within a day with e-signature.