All Arkas Art Center exhibitions are just a click away in the Virtual Museum!

With the mandatory suspension of cultural and arts events and the resulting closure of most museums, art lovers have turned to virtual museums. Not requiring airline tickets, entrance or membership fees, virtual museums offer a rare opportunity to people who would like to dedicate their time at home to art. Arkas Art Center now invites art lovers to see the exhibitions it has hosted since 2011, its year of inception. Visitors will enjoy the privilege of 3D virtual reality on the Arkas Art Center website. 

Arkas Art Center has hosted 20 exhibitions in varying concepts so far, namely “Post-Impressionism in the Arkas Collection”, “This Side of the Aegean from a Westerner’s Brush”, “Echoes of Silence”, “He Was a Star”, “Soldier Painters”,  “Smyrna in the 18th and 19th Centuries: A Western Perspective”, “Gallé Daum Lalique… The Poets of Glass”, “Hoca Ali Rıza”, “Ottoman Carpets from the Arkas Collection”, “Izmir: A Legacy for Tomorrow”, “Testimonies of Anatolian Antiquity”, “Between Three Seas: Ottoman and French Cartography from the Dardanelles to the Bosporus”, “Anatolian Travels”, “Masters of Light from the Arkas Collection”, “Victor Vasarely”, “Landscapes of Water from the Arkas Collection”, “Color Light Vibration”, “1001 Nights”, and “Picasso: Art of Spectacle” which broke visitor records. If you would like to spend some of your time at home on discovering art, Arkas Art Center invites you to the virtual museum on your computer or mobile phone.

The Virtual Museum on the website of Arkas Art Center allows visitors a 360-degree 3D virtual tour of previous exhibitions, providing a lifelike experience of them.