We Support The National Solidarity Campaign

“We support the National Solidarity Campaign. As Arkas Holding, at a time when unity and togetherness have become ever more important, we continue supporting our people and government during these challenging days, just like we have been doing so for over a century. To get through these difficult times with minimum negative outcomes as a country, we continue providing our services without interruption to fulfil our share of responsibilities and support the continuity of the supply chain without disruptions.

We have absolute faith that as the Republic of Turkey we are going to overcome this challenging period with unity, understanding and cooperation.

We take it as a national duty to support the National Solidarity Campaign; having supported the campaign with a donation amounting to a total of 3.3 million TL, 2 million TL on behalf of Arkas Holding and a 1.3 million TL donation on behalf of our subsidiary Marport in partnership with TIL.

We are grateful to those working in the field for all our citizens, especially healthcare workers, who work with great sacrifice during this difficult period. #WewillgetthroughthisTurkey#