Strategic Investment in India from Arkas Logistics Group

Following its investments in Europe and the USA, Arkas Holding’s Logistics Group is pressing forward with global endeavors, this time in India. The company has acquired an 80% stake in Fretlog, a significant logistics player in India, with the goal of fortifying its presence in the ‘India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor.’

The partnership between these two entities was formally revealed at a signing ceremony attended by Diane Arcas Gocmez, Vice President of Arkas Holding, Onur Gocmez, Arkas Holding Logistics Group President, and Muharrem Dursun, Managing Partner of Fretlog.

“Diving into India Will Give Arkas Logistics a Major Boost”

Diane Arcas Gocmez, Vice President of Arkas Holding, emphasized the vital role of India in the logistics sector, stating, “India boasts a colossal Gross Domestic Product of $3.7 trillion and a population exceeding 1.4 billion, making it the world’s fifth-largest economy. It has sustained an impressive average annual growth rate of 6% over the past two decades, and it’s on track to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2030, followed by the second-largest by 2075. In recent years, India has attracted substantial investments, making it a rising star in the global economy. The corridors established in global geopolitics invariably aim to connect India with Europe and the USA. The India-Middle East-Europe Corridor, inked this year, underscores India’s significance. Our presence in India, within this context, will undoubtedly empower us.”

“Easier Access to US and Asian Markets”

Onur Gocmez, Arkas Holding Logistics Group President, highlighted the company’s global market investment strategy that commenced in 2021, stating, “Our foray into global markets began with the establishment of a new company and warehouse in the New Jersey region of the USA. As a natural extension of this strategy, the inclusion of Fretlog into our fold in India aims to firmly position us on the trade route stretching from Southeast Asia to the Gulf, Europe, and the USA. This strategic move will simplify the access of both our domestic and international customers to the US and Asian markets. Beyond Türkiye and our regional presence, we are diligently monitoring the $200 billion annual trade volume between India and the USA through our subsidiary Fretlog and our US-based company. Capitalizing on the logistical opportunities generated by this substantial trade volume is a paramount objective for us. The international expansion of the Arkas Logistics Group, coupled with our end-to-end logistics service network, Fretlog, will further reinforce our standing. In addition, this year, we continued our expansion in Europe with the opening of an office in Romania, along with the service agreement we signed for intermodal transportation between duisport and Hupac.”

“Our Indian Expertise Will Enhance Arkas”

Muharrem Dursun, Managing Partner of Fretlog, expressed confidence that Arkas Logistics’ global prowess would significantly benefit from Fretlog, stating, “Fretlog’s presence in key trade regions of India, such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune, will bring added value to the Arkas Logistics Group, thanks to its experienced team and well-established organization. Fretlog, with over 20 years of experience in the automotive, pharmaceutical, agricultural machinery, ceramics, marble, construction materials, and textile industries, offers comprehensive logistics services to its Indian customers. In the years ahead, alongside our expanding branch network and investments in India, we will continue to serve both local and global customers, leveraging the strength of the Arkas Logistics Group.”