Pedals for a Sustainable Life

In the traditional bicycle festival organized in Inciralti, Piri Reis students pedaled for sustainable life.

The 13th annual traditional cycling festival “PIRISIKLET”, organized by Private Piri Reis Schools to instill love of sports in its students, was held in Inciralti City Forest.  Approximately 650 people, including students, parents, teachers and members of the Izmir Social Development and Enterprise Cooperative (SKOOP), participated in the festival, which was organized with the theme of “Sustainable Living”, a project of the institution.  The cycling festival started in the morning with music and refreshments at the entrance of the city forest. Divided into 14 groups, the students first received practical information from the accompanying teachers about clean energy and the contributions of cycling to human health and nature. Then the students pedaled with their families on two separate tracks organized according to their ages. While kindergarten students enjoyed cycling on the short track, primary and secondary school students took a tour around the Inciralti Lagoon. The colorful event ended at noon.