A Digital Art Experience Specially Produced for Technogym Turkey

Two different digital artworks created exclusively for Technogym Turkey by contemporary media artist and art historian Hakan Yilmaz will be on display at the Akatlar Experience Centre of Technogym, the world leader in fitness and wellness equipment and digital solutions, until 31 June.

Hakan Yilmaz, whose works are showcased in different collections in cities such as Miami, Barcelona and California, and who has two different awards within the scope of the “UK Event Awards”, which awards the works produced for the user experience of the marketing world globally, produced “The Secret of the Mirror” and Technogym NFT works specially for Technogym Turkey. “The Secret of the Mirror” by Hakan Yilmaz, specially produced for Technogym, stands out with its interactive design that responds to the movements of the visitor, while the Technogym NFT consists of the processing of data about all the places where Technogym has been located since its establishment until today. Audiences who will be able to see and experience these special works at Technogym’s new experience centre in Akatlar can also visit 7 different digital works by Hakan Yilmaz at the Experience Centre until the end of June.

Is it possible for a work to follow its audience?

Looking for an answer to the question of how the idea of the work that follows its audience, which has an important place in the history of art, changes form and comes back to the present, artist Hakan Yilmaz integrates his answer with his work into today’s art. At a time when the art audience wants to be the subject of art, Hakan Yilmaz makes the audience the subject of the exhibition with his special work The Secret of the Mirror for Technogym.

Inspired by the mirrors used in Diego Velázquez de Silva’s Las Meniñas, Hakan Yilmaz expresses that his main aim is to ennoble his audience and make them more magnificent by creating a work that follows its audience. Utilising the digital technologies he masters for this purpose, the artist uses his canvas as a mirror by using sensors that can scan the audience in three dimensions. Technogym not only encourages people to maintain their physical form while moving, but also emphasises the good side of this movement for the human soul, transforming those who pass in front of it, even those who turn their backs to it, into a work of art.

Technogym’s Global Footprint Transformed into Digital Artifact

The second work of Hakan Yilmaz is a collection of all the data related to the products designed by Technogym, the world’s leading brand operating in more than 100 countries in fitness and wellness, from the day it was founded until today. This work is a reflection of the lifestyle based on regular physical activity, balanced nutrition and positive mental attitude instilled by the Technogym brand.

Along with the works produced for Technogym Turkey, all works transferred to NFT and to meet with buyers in the digital marketplace can be visited at the new Technogym Experience Centre in Akatlar until the end of June.

Developments about Technogym Turkey and events to be held at Technogym Experience Centre can be followed at the Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/technogymturkey  For more information: LABRAND PR / hello@labrandpr.com / 0212 257 01 33

About Technogym

Technogym is a world leader Wellness with innovative Italian design, advanced technology, high quality and easy-to-use products that are used and experienced in prestigious gyms, members-only clubs, world-leading hotels and exclusive homes around the world. TechnoGym, the choice of the world’s leading athletes and sports teams and also the Official Supplier of the Olympic Games since 2000, also stands out with its permanent collaborations with famous Archistar designers such as Antonio Citterio. At the heart of the brand lies its unique concept of Wellness. Technogym’s lifestyle is dedicated to promoting regular exercise, a balanced diet and a positive mental attitude, which is evident in everything from the brand’s products to digital fitness services and interior designs.