Discover the Sky on Mobile!

After a long and challenging two years due to the pandemic, we are almost back to the intense tempo in both business and social lives. In this hustle and bustle, do you have time to stop and look up at the sky? The sky is one of the most beautiful landscapes one can watch to relax and breathe… We have a great suggestion for you to get rid of the effects of this tiring period and to rejuvenate yourself: Exploring the sky! When it comes to sky watching, almost everyone thinks that it is necessary to have a good telescope. However, the ever developing and transforming technology offers solutions which will significantly satisfy your curiosity. Thanks to the mobile applications you can download to your smartphone, you can follow movements in the sky instantly, discover constellations, and learn more information about the placement of celestial bodies mentioned in astrology interpretations.


Do you want to find the constellations? Here is the SkyView application. Your phone camera is enough to identify objects in the sky. The SkyView application, which also offers night vision with red or green night mode, is designed with Augmented Reality technology. In this way, you can examine the objects in the sky at any time, day or night. Time travel is also possible. You will now be able to know how satellites, planets, stars or any object you want looks at the dates and times you specify, how it looks in the future or in the past. The application works without the need for Wi-Fi or GPS and is compatible with Space Navigator binoculars, spotting scopes and Wi-Fi enabled telescopes.

You can download the Lite version of the SkyView app from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Sky Portal

SkyPortal is a comprehensive application where you can explore the solar system, 120,000 stars and more than 200 star constellations, nebulae, galaxies and the ISS (International Space Station), asteroids, comets and satellites. It can also be used with Wi-Fi connected telescopes. An object which you specify in the Sky Portal application is automatically found with commands sent to your telescope. The most exciting feature of the app is that you can personalise the objects that appear at night depending on your current location and time. When you identify a celestial body, you can keep a log for it. Another distinctive feature of the app that takes your stargazing experience to the next level is that it offers photos and audio narrations about the stars and constellations. Featuring the ability to simulate the night sky from anywhere on the planet going back nearly 100 years, Sky Portal is among the top stargazing apps.

You can download the Sky Portal app from Google Play Store and Apple Store.


All information is updated daily in the NASA mobile application provided by NASA, which is the world’s source of information and reference for space research. The application, which includes images captured by space stations, ranks first among the best star applications. With more than 16,000 space images, the opportunity to follow Nasa TV live, access to current news and articles, more than 14,000 Nasa videos, information about Nasa’s current missions, the opportunity to observe the International Space Station, viewing two-dimensional satellite location maps and three-dimensional models of the Earth with the ISS and other satellites in Earth orbit, the opportunity to save images and missions for quick access, the opportunity to listen to Nasa’s radio Third Rock Radio, NASA application is well ahead of similar applications. Although NASA is positioned as an all-around sky exploration application, the fact that it only has an English language option and is not available in the Apple Store is one of the shortcomings of the application.

You can download the Nasa app from Google Play Store.

Sky Safari

Do you wonder what the sky looked like in 500 BC and 2500 BC? The Sky Safari application, which offers the opportunity to easily learn the movements of the sky in the past and future, is a very powerful alternative among similar applications with its powerful graphics and interactive information presentation feature. The Sky Safari application, which offers the opportunity to explore planets, constellations, satellites, stars and deep sky objects, is only available in the Google Play Store. The best feature of the application is that it animates meteor showers, which is not available in other applications. With Tonight’s Best feature, you can see and get detailed information about the celestial objects in your location. With the Sky Safari app, you can also access constellation drawings, use night vision, read about the history and mythology of the sky, access scientific research, explanations, photographs and images from NASA’s International Space Station. The application also offers the opportunity to see 120,000 stars, more than 200 star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, as well as planets and satellites

You can download the Sky Safari app from Google Play Store.